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2025 Smoketree Village Cir., Henderson NV, 89012

702 497 9267 ,

Current Employment: Professor Emeritus
UNLV College of Fine Arts, Department of Dance
Director / Choreographer, Ballet Mink dba, Inc. 501 c 3

Recent Choreography:

TRANSIT(ION) Trilogy: the story of Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe to New York’s lower east side and the life they found and made there: performance includes music, dance, narration and projections.

Beit Shmuel, Hirsch Auditorium, Jerusalem, Israel, July 3 & 4, 2014

Lille Carl, Copenhagen, Denmark 6/11,

University of Nevada, Las Vegas 1/12,

Congregation Ner Tamid, Henderson, NV 1/12

Medicine Show Theatre, New York, NY, 5/11


COLLAGE: an evening of “Quartets and Vignettes” by Margot Mink Colbert,
Copenhagen Denmark, Dansescenen Teater, June 8-9, 2012
Program: Quartets: To the Greenwood, GOING, A Classical Spin, Desert Wind, Riffs
Vignettes: Sugar, Swinging on a Star, Over the Rainbow, Nic’s Dance, Woman on Wire, Pretty Ballerina, Man on Board

Five for Five: Five classical pieces for five dancers on pointe,
UNLV performance season Sp’ 13

Hands Meet Feet – ballet with ferret, UNLV performance season, Sp’12

Swan Homage – ode to Anna Pavlova and the solo “Dying Swan” March, 2011
Australia Fringe Festival, and UNLV performance season, F’11

Jigsaw – duet performed by the choreographer and Dolly Kelepecz,
Yaroslavl, Russia 8/10

L’Apres Valse – Pointe ballet for UNLV Dance Company, October, 2010

Cityscape – Pointe ballet for UNLV Dance Company, October, 2009

TRANSIT(ION) I, II, III 2007, 2008, 2009-10
Three sequential evenings of work on Jewish Immigration to New York and continuing into the mainstream American culture. History through choreography, video, and narration. Copenhagen, Adelaide, Turks & Caicos, New York, and Las Vegas.

Recent Academic Papers and International Teaching:
Humor in Unlikely Places: Classical ballet from Commedia del Arte to Trocadero
Paper & ppt presentation, FWPC Conference, Feb. 2014, Las Vegas

TRANSIT(ION), a ballet, Stage I– images of the artistic process,
Paper presentation, Far West Popular Association, Feb. 2012
Collaboration In Music and Dance– collaborative forum discussion with 6 independent artists Congress On Research in Dance, Philadelphia, Nov. 18, 2011

Transforming Artists: University Forum Lecture, UNLV, Oct. 3, 2011

$ for Dance, Paper presentation on the funding for dance companies in 2011,
International forum at Korean National University for Sport and Dance,
Seoul, Korea 6/23/11

Ballet Classes, instructor, advanced level
Korean National University for Sport and Dance, Seoul, Korea 6/24-26/11
Understanding Character Through Memoir: Antony Tudor, choreographer: Writers Conference, Peralta,Tuscany 2010
Dancing In Las Vegas, Far West Popular Culture Conference, Las Vegas, 2010
The Body as Metaphor, Narrative in Dance, University Forum Lecture, UNLV 2009
Liminal Spaces: Dancing on the Brink of a Miracle:
Portrait of the Jewish Immigrant's Passage through Ellis Island to New York's lower east side. ACLA Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA, April 27, 2008

Newspaper / Magazine Articles:
Dance USA: Ballet Mink Spotlight on Dance Companies, Fall, 2012
Copenhagen Post, 2009
Las Vegas Review Journal, 2008
Las Vegas Review Journal, 2005
Dance Teacher Now – Labanotation, 2004
Terpsichore Magazine, Copenhagen, 2002
Danish TV 2 –June 2009, 2008
Radio Sholom Copenhagen – 2007, 2008, 2009
KUNV Las Vegas, Arts Alive interview, 2009, 2008, 2007

Honors and Awards/ Grants:
UNLV President’s Faculty Opportunity Award for L’Après Midi d’un Faune, 2013
Nevada Arts Council Artist Fellowship Award, 2005, Honorable Mention 2012
Nevada Arts Council Development Grants, PDG,
Cirque du Soleil Community Arts 2007, 2008, 2009,
UNLV College of Fine Arts and University Faculty Travel, annually
Copenhagen Women’s Association, grants 2010, 2011
UNLV Outstanding Faculty Member, UNLV Teacher of the Year
Wisconsin Dance Council Outstanding Choreographer Award

Juilliard School of Music, Dance Division, NewYork, NY B. S.
High School of Performing Arts, New York, NY

Professional Training:
Ballet Training: American Ballet Theatre, NYC, Royal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen
Modern Dance Training: Martha Graham, Jose Limon
Choreography Training: Louis Horst, Merce Cunningham, Lucia D’lugoszewski

Certification: Laban Notation: Intermediate Instructor

Ellis Island





TRANSIT(ION) Trilogy - Dime

TRANSIT(ION) Trilogy - Wire

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