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P a s t    P e r f o r m a n c e s 

A look at past performances and choreographic works of Ballet Mink.

30/30/30 Dixon Place Celebration: 2019

Thirty Choreographers present their choreography in a year end celebration in New York City. Ballet Mink presented "Woman on Wire" from Transit(ion) Trilogy, commemorating Philippe Petit's high-wire walk across Manhattan's World Trade Center twin towers in 1974. Also appearing is Nicole Colbert Dance Theater presenting "Mambo Italiano."


Ballet Mink & Nicole Colbert Dance/Theatre brings together mother and daughter in a shared concert that offers an eclectic program ranging from contemporary ballet to dance/theatre. Ballet Mink will present several pieces choreographed in collaboration with Cynthia Wong, internationally acclaimed composer who has written music for dance, orchestra, chamber ensemble, voice, and musical theatre.

Midsummer Night's Dances: 2017

Ballet Mink is back in Denmark for the 20th summer performance in Copenhagen. This year choreographer Margot Mink Colbert premieres an evening of dance with her daughter choreographer Nicole Colbert, musician/composer Cynthia Wong and four young dancers from Las Vegas and New York. The performance starts at 7:30 PM on midsummer evening, July 23, with plenty of time to attend the traditional bonfires later in the evening, with a second performance on July 24 at 5pm.

Live from Vegas with Love: 2016

Ballet Mink has the guest choreographers Cathy Allen and Louis Kavouras on the program. The four young dancers who have just graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas Dance Department makes a mash up with three distinctive choreographic styles: the eclectic modern with a touch of classical, the contemporary commentary modern and the tight Erick Hawkins inspired style.

Margot Mink Colbert creates a playful cocktail of classical and modern technique in a unique and humorous style that is her own.

Echoes and Tales: 2015

Presented by Ballet Mink of Nevada and New York

“Echoes & Tales” is a ballet based on a collage of several classic stories for young people:Alice in Wonderland, The Little Prince, Cinderella, Pippi, Danse du Chevre (by Margot Mink Colbert) and Arm in Arm

Dancers: Margot Mink Colbert, Dolly Kelepecz, Kaileigh O’Neill, Hailey Wood, Shannon Redfield, Patra Jongjitrat and Theresa Duhon.


The story of Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe to New York’s lower east side and the life they found and made there: performance includes music, dance, narration and projections.

Beit Shmuel, Hirsch Auditorium, Jerusalem, Israel, July 3 & 4, 2014

Lille Carl, Copenhagen, Denmark 6/11,

University of Nevada, Las Vegas 1/12,

Congregation Ner Tamid, Henderson, NV 1/12

Medicine Show Theatre, New York, NY, 5/11


Presented by Ballet Mink of Nevada and New York ​​

A poetic and sometimes humorous collage of dance anecdotes - physical memories, and snatches of dreams; realized or unfulfilled, all served up into an elegant choreographic cocktail of classical technique and modern dance.

Dancers: Theresa Duhon, Sophie DeVore, Dolly Kelepecz, Keena Dawn Smith, Rachel Hayner

and Alex Lum. 

Lights: Thomas Bek





Presented by Ballet Mink Copenhagen ​​: 2006

A single piece from Ballet Mink's "TEN" performance, celebrating Margot Mink Colbert's tenth year of bringing innovative choreography to Copenhagen.

Dancer: Davida Oglesby

Claude Debussy's "Syrinx" Performance at UNLV - 2012

Emigration Transformat(ion) Trilogy

Performance at UNLV - 2012

A Moving Feat:

Performance at UNLV - 2013

Ballet Mink Colbert & Friends

Performance in Denmark - 2005

Dance Back The Cat:

Performance in Scotland - 2002 

The Colour of Eyes

Performance in Scotland - 2009

Ballet Mink worked along side the UNLV Dance Ensemble and the UNLV Symphony Orchestra to help reconstruct the historic “L’Apres Midi d’Un Faune” performance by Russian ballet dancer and choreographer, Vaslav Nijinsky.


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